3 Cute Hair style for girls

Hi Girls.....

Welcome to my new website.
This is my first post & i hope all of you love it ,

Today i want to share with all of you my 3 favorite hair styles.

Okay lets start

1. Hair bun style with 1 rope

This is very simple hair style for me, this is the steps ladies.

Tie your hair with a ponytail shapeThen coat your hair with a thick strap hair, so that the position of hair hair is getting taller and more perfectThird step, share your tied hair and shape like a fountainAfter that, you can divide it into two parts like picture number 4Splint the rest of your hair and wrap it around the base of the hair in both directionsHair kid that still left behind you can trim with bobby pins or hairspray, according to your needs. Or if not a slightly messy hair kid it can make you look more natural and relaxed Voila! Eyebrow hair in a short time was ready to accompany your day.

2. Stewardess hair style
If you want to create a professional hairstyle in an instant, you can do these steps. The trick…
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